My start in photography began in the 8th grade with a photo class. I'll never forget the first time watching one of my black & white prints come to life on a previously blank sheet of photo paper in dark room developing solution - WOW!

While continuing photography classes in high school, I served as a photographer for the school's newspaper and yearbook, and occassionally one of my pictures ran in the local newspaper. I briefly thought of possibly going into photojournalism as a college major and profession. However,  I realized that I wasn't near those required professional standards, and decided to just follow this as a hobby.

After four decades managing performing arts theatres, I retired in July 2015. With the new free time, my wife Wendy and I joined Pacific Photography Society, a meet-up group that coordinates a diverse variety of photo shoots in the area. This has generated a number of the galleries displayed here. Additionally, our travels have resulted in lots of additional photography. Another retirement activity has been a weekly hiking group that I joined in the fall of 2015.

I had been assembling photos from these trips, hikes, meet-ups and other activities in short power-point presentations to share with friends and family.   I've now moved to this website to post pictures.  It is a work in progress, and I'm very much still on a learning curve. 

I hope you enjoy, and would welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions.

All the best, don

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